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By Request from kaizoku1990: Rebecca and (post-timeskip) Nami are completely naked. Nami is lying on a bed (lying on her back in Y position and her arms locked with handcuffs) and Rebecca is on top riding Nami's face (Rebecca is on her knees and has her shaved pussy placed on Nami's face). Nami's nose is deep into Rebecca's tight, wet and dirty pussy (Rebecca's clitoris is shaved as well / you don't have to draw the bad pussy's smell). Rebecca really enjoys it and she has a little blushing expression. Nami is looking at Rebecca's clitoris with a nearly suffocated and helpless expression (because she doesn't like the pussy smell and the situation she's into). Please draw Rebecca and Nami as close to the original art as you can and a clear view of the action and the two girl's poses and expressions. Thanks in advance and i apologize for the long description!

27 September 2020
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