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Belnika (Rave Master) Break this ass!

3 January 2016
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  • Hentai fan: Are you a moron?? I am not even a member. What the fuck are you talking about? This the truth about me. Yes, I have three names and the reason I use it is because I like to have different names under different pixxx-sites. Personally, I think it's boring to go under the same name everywhere. But that doesn't mean I am a spammer or multiple user. As said, I am not a member so that would be impossible for me to be multiple user under many different IP-address. Now I will make my names official so...
    dumbwit like you understand! - Under animepixxx I use Hentai fan. It's pretty original and I haven't seen anyone use it before me! - Under narutopixxx I use Amaterasu user. That's also original! - Last under fairytailpixxx (not so much active there) I use Erza lover who I were also the first one to use. Are you kidding with me?? Why would I use Edwardnewgate. I dunno who that fuck is and I hope that asshole could be erased from all the pixxx sites. I am really tired of all that spam that goes around him. To next time check your facts before you assume something, kiddo!
    10 Jan 2016 12:08
  • Charles: Hentai fan? man u are Edwardnewgate! Where are u in the other pixxx sites? I tell u.. using other names to comment and make requests!
    6 Jan 2016 21:23
  • Hentai fan: Wow, this looks better than I thought. Nicely done Claudius. Sorry if I am too picky, but for the quality of the picture you can work more on the skin color. Try to use references on net. It's easy to find them and the author have always one color page of any characters (at least for the manga). In this ex. with Belinka, I found a reference from Mashima-sensei and at this ex. her skin color is more nude colored than pale white like in your picture. http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/rav...
    emaster/images/9/9d/Belnika.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20121218180707&path-prefix=es This is also, I think, beneficial for the customers. Anyways, except for that you have done a great job on the body, tits and ass. So keep the good job up, bro. ;)
    6 Jan 2016 18:51