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Chun Li (Street Fighter) and Brock (Pokémon)

By Request from Mrstefan: OI CLAU: Chun Li (Street Fighter) and Brock (Pokémon) https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/AM-JKLVVTocxFSt71o9OwixdDRsArBafEkmgJ3ZLMpkJvedaCz3eEAbm8PoRllDy9F2Ixls0XMKLJrB3rrns2i1UQ9Hd8OrHEer-0jOiQUDbYHgeiX3Uizcy7KvZ8gZ-HI_bmAyM-UytfDWT5uUsBd3P_Jv6=w771-h547-no?authuser=0 LONG LINK BUT IT WORKS. FELIZ NATAL E ANO NOVO

26 December 2021
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  • Claudius: Oh i m sorry
    28 Jan 2022 18:27
  • Mrstefan: Hi Clau are you ok? more than one month waiting to see this pic with colors, I have 2 more requests on queu. Hope you can finish the pic please
    25 Jan 2022 03:07
  • Mrstefan: Thank you perfect pic ? looking forward color versión
    4 Jan 2022 02:42