Kyoraku x Tsunade ( bleach vs Naruto) you're the best!


Posted by Claudius

14 August 2014
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  • Hentai fan: I think we all know who the troller is, but ok Kami it's apparently me. ^^
    23 Aug 2014 02:19
  • Eragon: I take no lesson from a kid who spams all the sites like a crazed lemming, thank you very much
    22 Aug 2014 04:58
  • Hentai fan: Actually u are!! U are just stupid if ya haven't realized it until now. whenever u see a naruto pic, u whine about it. geez
    21 Aug 2014 19:46
  • Eragon: multi-accounts are the norm here but what do I know? I am a 'troll'
    20 Aug 2014 18:07
  • lucky: How interesting there's so many requests for minor a middle aged males like Urahara Shanks Kyoraku Satan Jiraiya Gildarts Isshin Silver. It's smell it's obviously smells as multi-account cheating I just wanna ask artist. are you really so naive or not to pretty smart to see a so fucking obviously things ?
    19 Aug 2014 11:35

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