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Meeting parents of students & class representatives - Natsu_Strauss

By Request from Natsu_Strauss: https://xxxsexyteens.net/galleries/wet-cheerleader-lily-jordan-gets-nailed-by-ryan-madison.html (on the link, it's the image at the very top of the page just below the one wearing a red stocking) Uzaki-chan (big boobs, nice big ass and a spread pussy) with a black man with big cock (the blackest and most realistic skin tone possible) wearing a t-shirt with " best parent of a student " written on it. don't know if you do the speech bubbles (?? ???, ?? ???????, ???'? ??????? ?? ?? ??? ???????) I would like a speech bubble expressing what Uzaki is saying aloud “ Sir.. The meeting... ” and another expressing the thought (so not voiced out loud) “ Oh, yes ! Fuck me ! ” / I wanted to take advantage that my subscription is still active to please a friend ♀️ who loves Uzaki and who is full because there is no pic with a black guy (besides her birthday is almost in ten days)

Characters: Uzaki-chan,

12 June 2022
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  • Natsu_Strauss: I've done this several times already, no reaction (up or down arrow), no written response, no pre-coloring, nothing.. And as my subscription is ending soon, the idea of renewing my subscription just for requests I'm waiting for, it worries me ..
    17 Jun 2022 22:10
  • claudius@animepixxx.com: Hi Natsu, I don't know the other artists, I've never had contact with them... try to remember the requests with them.??
    17 Jun 2022 17:43
  • Natsu_Strauss: Thanks, Claudius ! ? // (I have a question that has nothing to do with this request : Are the artists of the different Pixxx sites in contact with each other ? Because I have a [maybe] a little problem with two of my requests outside of Anime Pixxx, I ordered ????? ???? ????? more than two months ago from artist ??? and he didn't get it. still not done, and I made a second request to the same artist on ??? ????? [it will be two months mid-July] and this one is still not done. Maybe he forgot my...
    requests ... ? ? )
    17 Jun 2022 12:07
  • Natsu_Strauss: Yes, I really like. No problem, I'll watch for the update !
    13 Jun 2022 05:00
  • Claudius: Hey Natso, I took the time today to add the balloons with texts on the image, in the next few days I will do with the text, and update, I really hope you like the image. thx
    13 Jun 2022 00:01