Scalded Fairy Cat !!!

Posted by Claudius

By Request from Natsu_Strauss: --------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐--------- (The first image that appears on the top of the page by going to the link) --------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐--------- Lisanna Strauss with two black guys - with two big BBCs - (the hands of the one who penetrates her pussy on Lisanna's hips, not on her ass), the one who penetrates her wears a condom (clearly visible), and we see some drop of cum coming out of the condom, which splashes both of them (Lisanna and the one penetrating her) and the second is not sitting next to them but standing up, Lisanna sucks his cock (deepthroat) with two little hearts roses instead of pupils (if it's not impossible to do, it would be nice to see the heads of the two black guys in addition to their bodies and Lisanna. --------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐--------- And finally, last little details (this is why I wanted the hands of the first not to be on his ass) on his left buttock (so on the right from Lisanna's point of view) a visible tattoo saying ” All (top) ♠️ (middle) welcome (bottom) ” - ” All ♠️ welcome ” - and on the second buttock (therefore the last one) a last tattoo indicating ” Only 1 (in top) then Natsu's head (middle) then VIP (bottom) - Only 1 VIP - --------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐--------- Please, Claudius ! ? ? --------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐--------- ???? ???? ????, ?? ???? ?? ??? ????? ?? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ?? ?? ???????????? (???? 27/28, ? ??????? ? ) ?? ?????'? ???? ??????? ?? ??? ?

Characters: Lisanna Strauss,

Tags: Fairy Tail, Threesome,

19 May 2022
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